With two decades of building experience, Kenosia Construction offers a wide array of services to ensure that your residential building project gets done on budget, on schedule and with the quality to endure for years to come. Our design-build process avoids the typical pitfalls in construction by creating a partnership between the customer, architect/design team, and the construction company right from the beginning of the project.

Kenosia Construction’s Residential contracting experience comprises over 1,200 residential housing units, more than 350 of which has been single family homes built in the last twenty years. And when we are awarded a home renovation, we understand that our customer is inviting us into their home to be among their family and the greatest of care is given to respect both their existing home and their family.

As stewards of our planet, the condition of our environment is a shared responsibility. Whether it is seamlessly integrating natural designs such as rain gardens to promote drainage, or meticulously sorting debris for proper recycling, Kenosia Construction has been at the industry forefront since first opening our doors in 1992.