Green Building

As stewards of our planet, the condition of our environment is a shared responsibility. The building codes of today help to support this ideology but there is always room for improvement. As a company populated by multiple generations we can remember a time before ‘green building’ when our standards and practices were simply considered prudent. With such an organic commitment to being ‘green’, the transition to environmentally friendly building was seamless. In reality, it was only the documentation that had to catch up with our long standing construction methods.

Whether it is seamlessly integrating natural designs such as rain gardens to promote drainage, or meticulously sorting debris for proper recycling, Kenosia Construction has been at the industry forefront since first opening our doors. Look no further than our planned communities and you will see that Kenosia Construction dedicates substantial percentages of each project to open space to be enjoyed in perpetuity. Kenosia Construction’s team is waiting for your call to help you design an earth friendly project we can all be proud of.