Value Engineering as Kenosia Construction perceives it is a service within a service. It is the process whereby Kenosia Construction will recommend substitutions or modifications to the project design in an effort to save the client money. Kenosia Construction feels it is our fiduciary responsibility to show the customer where their potential cost savings lie. Kenosia Construction will propose alternatives that in its professional opinion and experience will result in cost savings while not sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

The limitations to this service exist fully in the limits of the General Contractor’s experience. The multiple generations represented at Kenosia Construction comprise over 100 years of industry track record and experience. Kenosia Construction has built in excess of 1,200 residential housing units and millions of square feet of erected steel buildings and commercial and industrial properties including 50 CVS Drug Stores, 25 Caldor Department Stores, 15 Rite Aid Pharmacies, 15 Automobile Dealerships, 5 churches and many hundreds of other individually designed projects. Kenosia Construction believes it is our fiduciary duty to bring that experience to the Value Engineering of your job