Site Development

The most unpredictable part of any job which requires putting a shovel in the ground is the uncertainty of what lies below the project. In an effort to control these variables and the potential increased costs, Kenosia Construction made a conscious decision at our inception to own and operate our own site work company. Our goal was to overcome the massive on-site obstacles and resulting excess costs that are becoming more typical due to the lack of available property in the Southern New England area. These efficiencies result in more competitive bids for our customers. Over hundreds of projects, Kenosia Construction’s site development company has exceeded expectations, fast-tracked projects with our ‘ready-to-go’ capabilities, and reined in industry typical cost overruns.

Why wouldn’t every contractor own and operate a site equipment company?

Massive capital outlays, onerous maintenance schedules, implicit knowledge of material efficiencies, and a commitment to a skilled labor force are some of the hurdles a site equipment operator must overcome to operate efficiently in this industry. Kenosia Construction has educated its employees, and invested the time and resources to exceed these challenges for almost twenty years. Since the start of Kenosia Construction, growing our site work division into a competent, efficient and cost-cutting force has been our focus.