Design Build

Our approach to Design-Build involves a great deal of customer interaction. By establishing the design and budgetary parameters up front, the customer and avoids any duplication of effort saving both time and money. From the beginning, the customer has a higher level of involvement in the process which translates into greater satisfaction with the finished product. Further benefits include potential savings as significant as 10-20% of project value and greater time savings through better integration and elimination of steps.

So why wouldn’t every job utilize this process? Design-Build requires an earlier commitment between the customer and Kenosia Construction because the bidding phase is eliminated and the designs phase overlaps with the construction phase of the project. This is where reputation and history play a huge part for a builder. At Kenosia Construction, we have both in large supply. Our group has completed hundreds of Design-Build projects with dozens of architecture and design specialists. Sit down with Kenosia Construction and see how we can help Design-Build your project.